Our expertise

CSD distribution system creation understands the problem faced by its customers, the installers and the end users. Our primary expertise is to analyze and to understand in order to facilitate the use and the resale of the product range.

Our systems are:

  • High performance and versatile: our drainage nozzles, ball valves and flap valves will guarantee a perfect drainage. Even if each manufacturer has different profiles, our valves will work in any situation.
  • Resistant in time. Our first drainage valves system invented are still in place in old window and doors and 30 years later still react well to pressure!
  • Easy to implement. Our products are all easily to insert. All dimension have been precisely calculated. They correspond to the industry standards for window and sliding doors.

We surround ourselves with French engineers for the design and the manufacture of our parts, both for the injection and the foundry. These long years of collaboration with them give us an excellent quality controlled and fast service.